Traditional Kilim - Lori Kilim

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Most of the Iranian Kurdish population lives in the Western part of the country, where over the last two centuries very interesting rugs and kilims have been created. The Lories, a tribe living in mountainous villages of this territory, have developed textiles with a very idiosyncratic character, part of which is a relatively small number of kilims. Most of the old such pieces which have survived, were created mainly for personal use. As a result, pieces of “one of a kind” can be found, which in some cases are also “aesthetically unique”!

This particular Lori kilim has an abundance of colours contrasting each other in a way as to create an unexpected colour balance, very pleasing to the eye. The “controlled” vividness of these colours along with its very unusual design, are the main reasons for its strong personality.

Definitely, a wonderful acquisition for any kilim lover or collector.