Traditional Kilim - Chaput 2

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These multi colored kilims were made in several small villages in Central Asia Minor during the period 1940 - 1990, therefore they are categorized as “Vintage”.

They were all made for personal use from a variety of cotton yarns, ranging from “scrap” to normal yarns as such, both for essential warmth and decoration.

Very carefully selected pieces, reflect the imaginative inspiration of the local women who wove them in their horizontal loom, whereas the really exceptional ones, show an amazing sensitivity in the use of color, revealing at the same time the exceptional artistic talent of a few anonymous young ladies who created them for sheer pleasure.

Due to their unsophisticated provincial nature and their highly decorative potential, they can decorate the floor and wall of any room in a country house or a highly “artistically progressive” room of an urban house equally well.

When used properly, they can be a wonderful choice, taking also into consideration that their number is limited, tending to be extinct.