Patch - Orange

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The modern carpets of Patch collection consists of a limited number of patchworks which are very carefully selected because they have something different to offer from the plethora of patchworks that have flooded the market in recent years. Specifically, these select patchworks have been expertly put together so that the seams between the different carpet pieces are discrete and lie flat, thus avoiding having the characteristic uneven, "rough" surface that patchworks usually have. Moreover, the carpets from which these patchworks have been formed, have been chosen so that a great color balance is achieved throughout each resulting patchwork. The very subtle color tones, their decorative hues and most of all the interweaving play that occurs within each patchwork's different designs, make this collection very fitting to any contemporary home.

As with all patchworks, any piece of the Patch collection can be ordered and customized according to the customer's desire.


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