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Our Painting collection is a completely new idea in the carpet world.

Inspired by works of famous painters of the modern era, gives a chance to very talented young Iranian artists prove their skill by interpreting in their own unique way some of the world’s famous masterpieces. The hugely innovative idea is that, instead of using canvas, our artists are using an old carpet fragment which intentionally has been sheared down to its basic fabric leaving a few piled patches, reminding us of what the carpet originally looked like.

We believe that this marriage of a traditional craft like carpet weaving and a timeless art like painting, is truly magical. It pays tribute to both arts and at the same time it shows respect for the famous painters of the past and opens a small window to the painters of the future.

These works from our Painting collection will decorate the wall of any type of household that is looking not only for beauty, but also for originality. There is only one more thing that makes this collection even more desirable and that is, its very attractive price.


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