Kutahia Kilim- Orange

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The kilims in our Kutahia Collection are characterized by their modern aesthetic, even if they were created roughly 70 years ago in Kutahia, Turkey. It is indeed striking how with such few colors, but an ingenuity in their combination and the simplicity of their design, they can easily decorate beautifully a contemporary home. They radiate a certain warmth and coziness in any space they decorate. They feel as if they have been in that space all along.

These rare kilims would be a great find for any customer who is looking for something extremely approachable (aesthetic-wise) and familiar.

They are an ideal solution for a home on an island or even a home close to the sea.

Since these kilims are one-of-a-kind, they cannot be made to order.

For availability, call us at (+30) 210 3613123.