Haiku - Kilim 6

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The kilims in our Haiku Collection, offer something unique. They artfully blend the old with the new. Inspired by old Moroccan, nomadic robes the pieces comprising the Haiku collection are lovingly woven by the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the nomadic women living in the Atlas mountainous region of Morocco. In that way, they maintain the all-important element of continuity with the past, but also offer something very modern and refreshing for contemporary homes.

The Haiku designs are based on ancient, traditional Berber patterns, which are strikingly simple but yet remain very decorative. Every deviation and irregularity in the pattern is intentional, creating a highly unusual, vibrant look. Also, great attention is spent to the choice of colors, which to a large extent create a very warm atmosphere, mostly due to the fact that the wool comes from Moroccan sheep in the Atlas Mountains, which retains its natural color.

The Haiku Collection would be a particularly excellent choice for a country home in the mountains and can be made-to-order in almost any size, according to the customer's demands.


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