Antique - Uzbek Kilim

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Uzbek kilims very rarely appear οn the market, simply because just a few of them were made in the first place and a lot fewer survive to this date. Similarly, the literature on the subject is limited, therefore dating and exact provenance can be argued.

This particular kilim of extraordinary beauty, bears a fusion of design characteristics from Suzanies, silk Ikats and Daghestani silk Kaitags whilst there is an abundance of symbols, like those of fertility, protection and happiness, amongst others. The vegetable dyes offer their wonderful hues to a superb variety of colours, which have been arranged in an ingenious way.

A remarkable characteristic is that it consists of seven separate pieces sewn together. Three of them are very finely woven striped flat weaves, whereas in the other four, the motifs are embroidered on the flat woven ground, in order to achieve a relief effect.

In our opinion this is a perfect example of the late 19th century, where tradition blends with sheer talent to create a small masterpiece.

A very rare piece and definitely a collector’s item.