Antique - Teheran

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 Although Teheran is the present capital of Iran, it does not have a long history in carpet production, which basically started in the late 19th century and flourished between 1880 and the 1930s. Almost without exception, these carpets are of typical classical Persian designs, usually with a central medallion and quite often with animal figures wisely placed among the flowery decoration and the use of quite a large variety of colors. The frequent use of silk in a rather small number of colors, combined with the high knot density and the excellent quality of raw materials, enable these carpets to have a “noble” character.

The present antique Teheran carpet, circa 1910, which is in mint condition, has an amazing “ice teal – grey” ground and a charming green – pistachio border. The design is of a “pendant like” medium size central medallion, flanked by two opposing trees of life, whereas the rest of the background is covered with flowers and leaves, combined with running deer and paradise birds resting on tree branches.

But perhaps the rarest element on this carpet is the quantity of silk which has been used and the almost unprecedented number of colors in silk present.

In our opinion, carpets of this caliber, quite justifiably, belong to the so called “aristocracy” of the carpet world.