Antique - Kayseri

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Even though we specialize in mostly modern carpets, kilims and textiles, we also feature a collection of antique rugs (usually around 100 years old) that really stand out. These are appropriately part of our Antique Collection.

This wonderful antique rug was made in the city of Kayseri during the high carpet production period in the whole of Turkey and along with Isparta, were the biggest manufacturing cities in the country.

The design belongs to a group that has been given several different names , some of which are: Saf, Multiple Nich, Bakhtiari and Garden Design.

The pile is silk, whereas the warp & weft are cotton.

Although several workshops were engaged with this very popular design, this particular rug was made by a highly professional and talented carpet producer, which is shown in the care of the workmanship, the rarity of its palette and the superb color balance which has been obtained.

Overall, it is a highly decorative piece, which will enrich any type of house decoration, whether it is spread on the floor or hang on the wall as a work of art, which it actually is.


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