Antique - Bidjar

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Even though we specialize in mostly modern carpets, kilims and textiles, we also feature a collection of exceptionally beautiful antique rugs that comprise our Antique Collection. It is reasonable, therefore, that each antique piece will be described individually for what it is.

This magnificent carpet is the work of an excellent workshop in Bidjar, during the prime period for rugs of this area, in the Kurdish part of W- N.Western Persia.

Due to the fact that Bidjar was very little involved in wars, and invaders were next to zero, the originality and continuation of the traditional Persian design and color combination remained uninfluenced. The type and quality of weaving technique of the Bidjar carpets is renowned, therefore any comment as such would be pointless.

The geometry and the repetition of the ancient Garrus motif, along with the superb color balance of this carpet, result in a superb work of art of the Persian looms of the last quarter of the 19th century.


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