Antique - Bidjar Kilim 1

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The Bidjar kilims from the Kurdish part of Western Persia, are famous for their tenacity and occasionally for their very temperamental character.

This particular kilim, besides its long and narrow shape, has seven co-centric, elongated, asymmetrical medallions of four different colours. These extremely unusual features all in one, place it in the category of the pieces that were the result of improvisation, imagination and pure emotion. The superb vegetable dyes used to create this limited but wonderful palette, is intentional, in order to create the strict character of the design, where each medallion “evolves” from one another, as well as to maintain the modesty necessary for the piece to be a perfectly balanced work of art in terms of colour.

An admirable work of a very talented woman who created something as powerful as this, over 100 years ago and still stands today as fresh as the time it was woven