ΤΕΝ Carpets has a plethora of carpets with diverse designs.
However, besides the many options we have in our design library, we offer our clientele the possibility of creating a carpet according to their very own specifications. Along with our collaboration with some of the most reliable manufacturers in the world, our own all around knowledge and vast experience in carpets, as well as our unique creative approach to bespoke artworks, we give our clients the opportunity, advice and guidance in creating their very own carpet with respect to shape, size, quality, texture, materials, design and colors. Our huge color scheme is a temptation in itself and a strong motive in creating a truly unique personal rug.

Soutzoglou Carpets has always manufactured its products so that both people and the environment are protected and have always ensured that no children are involved in the working process during production. Our contractual partners are experienced manufacturers whom we have known for more than 30 years. Every single carpet is completely hand-made. From dying and spinning of the wool through twining to knotting – the complete manufacturing process lies in the hands of our century long experience.

Our long lasting relationship and cooperation with some of the top manufacturers of handmade carpets, along with our experience in the carpet industry, provides our customers with the reliability, competitive prices and high standard both in workmanship and services that anyone could possibly desire.