A very important factor in the successful creation of a new handmade carpet, lies in the preliminary work study of the project before ordering.

For this purpose, unless our customer approaches us with an already decided order, then we follow the following procedure, which has been very successfully tested for over a decade, with no exceptions, so as to avoid any mistakes in placing the order:

The Tried-and-Tested Procedure

  1. We visit the customer’s house in order to measure and photograph the room(s) where the carpet(s) will be placed.
  2. We study all the data carefully and suggest solution(s) in terms of size, design, color, material(s) and quality.
  3. With our guidance, the customer is the one who makes the final decision.

Nevertheless in order to aid our customer decide with greater certainty before placing the order, we provide him with the option of ordering one free swatch (this is usually a 50 x 50 carpet sample according to the specifications of the potential order), or for that matter, more than one, if he decides on more than one solution.

A Revolutionary Way to Customize Your Handmade Carpet

In addition to the aforementioned process, in recent years we have spent a great deal of effort in order to proudly be one of the few carpet galleries around the world to offer our customers an electronic platform which makes this whole process, even more enjoyable and reassuring.

More specifically, we have teamed up with a group of very talented programmers and carpet manufacturers and have created a computer platform which shows on our gallery's computer screen the whole range of colors and designs that we offer for creating a brand new, custom, handmade carpet. With our guidance, our customers can experiment with all the various designs and color combinations by simple "dragging-and-dropping" any color to any design, and seeing, within seconds, on the screen, in a photorealistic manner, how this "hypothetical" carpet would look like, even though it wouldn't yet exist. The customer can also change the material used within the same carpet and zoom down to pile-level and see how the carpet would look in silk, wool and other materials.

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Placing Your New Carpet in Your Home

However, we have even taken this process one step further.

Specifically, after we’ve designed a carpet on this electronic platform according to our customer’s taste and specifications, we  take a picture of the actual space in the customer’s house where the carpet will be used and place the photorealistic picture of the carpet in that space.

This is done in such a way, so that all the furniture appears on the carpet as it would if the carpet was real, and details such as reflections and shadows are also realistically shown.

As a result, we almost cannot distinguish that the carpet is not (yet) real!

In fact, this electronic platform gives customers the capability to literally visualize their designed carpet in their own homes, before it is actually created.

Handmade carpets, beautiful, silk, best, India, Indian carpets, Wool, Bamboo Silk, Viscose, Athens, Greece, cheap

Our long lasting relationship and cooperation with some of the top manufacturers of handmade carpets, along with our experience in the carpet industry, provides our customers with the reliability, competitive prices and high standard both in workmanship and services that anyone could possibly desire.