Marlows' Dreams

Art Rug Projects by Soutzoglou in collaboration with the internationally renowned artist Jannis Varelas, created five hand woven rugs in silk and wool, which will be exhibited at the Breeder Gallery (45 Iasonos st., Athens) under the title “Marlows' Dreams”  from May 26th until July 9th 2022.

Jannis Varelas first such attempt to express his inspirations and thoughts through a completely new media, focuses on the concept of reflection; of mental reflection and of the psychological landscape. The works are an attempt to explore the inner human topography, but also the concept of insight, as a separate dimension.

For the artist, both the material of the rugs and the production process of an image though knots, transfers in a metaphysical way an inner process or working to the real space and time.


Artist Bio

Jannis Varelas (b. 1977 Athens, Greece) lives between Athens, Vienna, and Los Angeles and is a graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts and the Royal College of Arts in London. His work has been the subject of solo exhibitions internationally including Double-Blind, The Breeder, Athens (2021); Anima I, The Benaki Museum, Athens (2019); Monster, Onassis Cultural Center, Athens (2017); New Flags for A New Country / Destroying Elvis, Onassis Cultural Center, Athens (2016); New Flags for a New Country, The Breeder Gallery, Athens (2015); Sleep My Little Sheep Sleep, Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati, USA (2012).

Press Release


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