A Monstrous Fruit

A Monstrous Fruit

A Monstrous Fruit is Bea Bonafini’s first solo show in Germany and the second artist collaboration of Art Rug Projects by Soutzoglou.

For this exhibition taking place at Setareh Gallery in Berlin, Bea works with new interdisciplinary techniques, developed to achieve a labyrinthine body of new work, embracing engraved paintings on cork, hand-tufted tapestries and pastel drawings.


Alluvial and Plinian Fire

Expanding the artist’s interest in tapestries and carpets, Alluvial and Plinial Fire are two works that are the fruit of a new collaboration between Bea Bonafini and Art Rug Projects by Soutzoglou. Experimenting with the transition of materiality from soft pastel drawings to large scale textile works, they mark a new direction in the artist’s practice. Both works are hand-tufted in bamboo silk and play with altering pile heights and carving. They maintain some aspects of the artist’s carpet inlays while exploring the technical possibilities that hand-tufting offers.


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                                     Alluvial1                                     PlinialFire1