Unearthly (Nosbaum Reding Gallery, Luxembourg)

The exhibition Unearthly is a solo exhibition by Bea Bonafini at the Nosbaum Reding Gallery 29 September - 5 November, 2022, Luxembourg.

Four works from our previous art rug collaboration with the artist were selected to be exhibited.

The work of Bea Bonafini expands from painting into media and materials commonly associated with textile arts and pottery. But her use of age-old techniques that have accompanied humanity since the dawn of time lends them a contemporary turn. Especially the art of carpet-making – or, in her case, making art with carpets – is reinterpreted into a subtly feminist stance. While her carpet inlays refer to the once female-dominated art of weaving, they are, quite literally, razor-sharp incisions into this tradition. Bonafini is not so much fascinated by the craft itself than by the handling of the products; the industrially manufactured carpets that are the starting point for many of her works thus become the material for a confident process of appropriation that can be seen as a defining feature of her work.


Exhibition view, Bea Bonafini, unearthly, Nosbaum Reding, Luxembourg, 2022, 3PlinialFire1Alluvial1Bea Bonafini, vue d'exposition, Unearthly, 2022, Luxembourg,Exhibition view, Bea Bonafini, unearthly, Nosbaum Reding, Luxembourg, 2022,5Sea, Closed Inside UsSilent StrengthsExhibition view, Bea Bonafini, unearthly, Nosbaum Reding, Luxembourg, 2022,7