Animals Of Your Lips

Animals Of Your Lips (Bosse & Baum, London)


We are pleased to present a limited edition of 10 handtufted carpets by Bea Bonafini produced in collaboration with Art Rug Projects, to accompany her solo exhibition, Animals of Your Lips at Bosse & Baum gallery, London

The edition responds to the artist's ongoing experimentation with textile media and its possibilities. Bonafini is interested in weaving the same visual language through different media and thus exploring the entanglements between materials, textures and iconographies. The edition work, Twisted, highlights the importance of carpets as a versatile material and narrative tool throughout Bonafini's practice.


About the edition

“In Twisted, a body is engulfed by the unknown figure’s own hair. It seems to have a life and a will of its own as it cascades downwards, twisting itself around the limbs and consuming them. The only remaining hint of a human body are two blue boots. This new limited edition is a nod to my wider world of entanglements, in support of the dissolution of boundaries as we know them, and of the fusion between different matter and organisms.

Collaborations have opened up my practice to new technical possibilities. Twisted was produced through the expertise of Ten Carpets and their artisans. We worked closely together to translate a pastel drawing into a larger-scale textile work. Each hue is hand-dyed, the bamboo silk is hand- tufted and the surfaces are shaved and carved, similarly to the bas-relief landscapes I create in my carpet inlay pieces.”

- Bea Bonafini


"This is our fifth collaboration with Bea Bonafini and I am thrilled that we continue to create and evolve.

It's a pleasure to be exhibiting at Bosse and Baum and it is the first time we are working with the artist on a smaller scale and on editioned artworks. One of the main reasons I founded Art Rug Projects was for each collaboration to be a new opportunity for the artists to discover a new medium, to expand their practice in new ways via the endless possibilities that the rug offers , as their new canvas."

- Electra Soutzoglou, Art Rug Projects