Where the Primitive One Becomes Two

Where the Primitive one becomes two marks the second collaboration of Art Rug Projects with Bea Bonafini. The two works are exhibited at Art Brussels, 28 April - 1 May, 2022, in Belgium at Eduardo Secci's booth.  

Exploring the origin of form and borrowing from an abstract scientific method in poetic literature, Bea Bonafini’s solo show owes its title to a line by Georges Bataille which describes the generative potential of the primal cell in asexual reproduction. 

The hand-tufted bamboo silk rugs, Sea Closed Inside Us and Silent Strengths, confront the viewer with swirling bodies, fantastical figures, dissolving in a pool of multiplicity – an imagery populated by evanescent silhouettes that recall the primordial while gently situating the observer in a surreal atmosphere where aesthetic sensitivity intersects material possibilities of craftsmanship.

Bea Bonafini (1990, Bonn, Germany) lives and works between London, Rome and Paris.

Her work expands the possibilities of painting, tapestry and sculpture and her practice draws from oneiric visions, overlapping personal and ancient mythologies.



Sea, Closed Inside Us Silent Strengths