ARP_335x270_72dpi by soutzoglou

About Art Rug Projects

Art Rug Projects by Soutzoglou focuses on the interactive collaboration with Greek and international contemporary artists who are invited to create handwoven rugs and tapestries as original works of art, either as limited editions or as unique pieces.

Every collaboration is an opportunity for the artist to discover a new medium, to expand their practice in new ways, imagining the rug as their canvas.

Carpet-making is linked with the tradition of the past, whereas contemporary art is an expression of the present. By adapting age-old traditions in a modern context, Art Rug Projects “weaves” heritage, history and handicraft with contemporary art and creative expression.

Our Story

Art Rug Projects by Soutzoglou is the culmination of the family’s 120 years of experience in the trade and manufacturing of handmade carpets that stand out for their high quality and aesthetic value.

This new project is initiated by Electra Soutzoglou, who joined the family business in 2019 after a 10-year career in the contemporary art world in the USA and Britain — holding posts at the Guggenheim, MoMA, David Zwirner Gallery and Frieze Art Fair. As Global Head of VIP Relations at Frieze, Electra was responsible for the coordination of all VIP departments of Frieze fairs in London, New York and Los Angeles. Her passion and knowledge for contemporary art, combined with her love for tradition and innovation in the field of handmade carpets, sparked the creation of Art Rug Projects in 2020. Through collaborations with artists from Greece and abroad, Art Rug Projects bridges traditional methods of weaving with a contemporary approach to art.

On the technical side, due to our vast experience as ex-producers ourselves, combined with our high sensitivity on how artworks should be approached, we have been able to choose over the years, the most suitable and reliable manufacturers in order to achieve the artist's ultimate goal for each particular project.

Having as our compass the actual work of art, we closely collaborate with the artist to suggest and give advice on different weaving techniques, on different materials as well as on several finishing tools that will make the work stand out. The end result is contemporary rugs, as well as flat woven or piled wall-hangings, of any shape or form, which we manufacture in India, Pakistan and Nepal.

Our first collaboration is with Cypriot artist Philippos Theodorides for the exhibition Thread Variations. For information and images on the exhibition, click here.