Pet Stains

Now this cleaning isn’t easy! Training pets works only as long as your pet is fine with it. In case of bad stomach days, you are risking it all by just closing the doors behind and letting your pet stay in.

Stay on alert whenever you find your room stinking. Check your carpet and remove the dirt as quickly as possible. The biggest problem with accidents is you often times don’t even know they happen until weeks! The longer it is left, the more it sinks into fibres and the padding below the carpet. It is often a good idea, not only to clean it yourself, but also to have your cleaner come through the area with special attention. Use a cleaning solution that is formulated for pet urine. Sadly, other cleaners may not get the job done.

Discolorations of fibres is the main damage done. Even if you remove the odour, a stain may be the end result. The longer it sits, the more it deteriorates.

As with any new cleaning product, follow the directions and test the product first in the corner of a closet. Be sure that you stick to the instructions given. Still if you do not see a difference, do not lose hope. There are natural ways to clear the spot. White vinegar with lukewarm water and rubbing alcohol are two such methods that work well. If you have any major doubts just contact your carpet manufacturer and ask them. They will let you know of approved products that have been tested on their carpets.

Removing Pet Odour
Dealing with a new puppy or an older animal can take its toll on your carpets and floors. The best advice out there is to get to the stain as soon as possible. The longer the urine sits on the carpet, the more damages are done to the carpet fibres. Try using a dry towel first and press firmly against the wet areas. The object here is to soak up as much as possible without having to use any water. From there use your favourite disinfectant carpet cleaning chemical and follow the directions on the bottle.
Even if you get to the spot right away you may find on some hot days that odour comes back. If this is the case chances are you missed a spot or the urine has penetrated into the flooring pad. When urine penetrates into the carpet pad you may need to call a professional to come out and clean your carpets.
Of course with a young pet the best thing to do is take a proactive approach. Keep your pet on a hard surface in the home until the pet is potty trained. Cats are born potty trained for the most part. Ensure you clean their litter box often and you should have no issue.