The piercing truth is- if everything is done in a right manner, the result will be good. It is important to know your carpets, their type and the fibers used so that you can apply the best cleaning methods that can make your carpet look brand new! The only question that comes to mind is what method is needed where.

When it comes to cleaning, some people do it on their own while some find professional approach for that. If your house is heavily soiled and has not been cleaned in many years then steam cleaning will get you that deep clean you need and remove much of the heavy soils in the carpet. The only one restraint that we can analyze here is that steam cleaning can be used once in a year only and it requires an experienced technician to handle the mess. Care should also be taken that boiling hot water is not used as it affects the carpet glue.

On the other hand, when you use a buffer system, you do get a deep clean because the brush works its way into the carpet. When someone uses this type of cleaning, he vacuums and rakes the carpet first. Then use enzymes to eat the oil in the carpet. The shampoo they use is non-residue so it does not attract dirt. After the cleaning is done, you should vacuum your carpet at least after 24-hours to remove the loose dirt. With this method, you can use it every 3 months and see your carpets always look great.

Some manufacturers recommend cleaning the carpets or rugs yourself. By doing so, you can extend your carpet's life duration. They will last long and will look cleaner for a long time. The cleaning process starts with an awareness to prevent all those nasty things that can cause harm to your carpet. It is advisable to put on carpet slippers or wearing socks while stepping on your rugs or carpets. Stepping on expensive rugs with dirty shoes is sure to bring stains, dirt and sand particles.

Carpet Cleaning Methods :

Absorbent Pad
Dry Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning Tips :

Cleaning at home
Rug scrubbing
Removing wax from your carpet
Pet stains

Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Safe Carpet Cleaning Measures


Repairing a damaged or worn rug can only be done by professionals. We at TEN CARPETS offer a full range of repair services, from restoring faded colors, repairing a torn rug, renewing the pile, changing the fringes, and many more. It is also part of our policy to first inform our customers of the repair cost, before starting the procedure, so that they can decide whether to proceed or not.