In 1900, exactly at the dawn of the 20th century, Nicholas Soutzoglou, an energetic young man belonging to the Greek community of Sparta in Asia Minor, sets up a handmade carpet manufacturing plant in his home town.

By 1920 the company occupied 3.000 weavers, exporting handmade carpets to England, through the Oriental Carpet Manufacturing Company (OCM), which was based in Smyrna. When the war broke out between Greece and Turkey and after spending 2 years in exile near Kayseri, in 1922 Nicholas arrives in Greece as part of the mandatory exchange of population between the two countries, along with 1.500.000 other Greek refugees.

In no time, a handmade carpet manufacturing company is started all over again, mainly on the islands of Spetses and Hydra.

In 1974, his son Kyriacos, after finishing his studies in England, takes over the company.

In 1975, having realized that carpet manufacturing in Greece had no future whatsoever, Kyriacos establishes a retail company and opens a shop in 6 Valaoritou St. in the center of Athens. The company, aptly named, SOUTZOGLOU CARPETS, deals with new and antique handmade carpets & textiles.

In 1982, Kyriacos eventually decides to seize the manufacturing division and focus solely on retail of handmade carpets.

In 1991, Kyriacos buys a prime property in 2 Skoufa St. in the prestigious Kolonaki Square and opens a new carpet shop.

In 2008, his son Nicholas after finishing his studies and work in Boston, joins his father's business.

In 2013, Nicholas starts up his own carpet gallery TEN CARPETS,  in 17 Alopekis St. also in Kolonaki, dealing almost exclusively with modern handmade carpets and custom-made creations.

Being the 3rd generation in the long Soutzoglou family history of handmade carpets and textiles, TEN CARPETS gazes the future with respect for the past but with “a new look at carpets through the eyes of experience”.